• Spinal Rehabilitation

  • We provide an integrated approach to your rehabilitation needs. We believe chiropractic care is an important aspect of caring for many spinal problems, but we also know the importance of adding the expertise of other treatments including massage and exercise for a complete program. In addition to having massage therapy available, we also have a rehabilitation facility on the premises to assist patients with a variety of exercise and rehab solutions.

    Spinal rehabilitation addresses the treatment and healing of injuries and works to prevent future injuries and disabilities. Spinal rehabilitation focuses on pain relief, promoting healing, restoring function, and movement associated with the injury. Other focus areas include ergonomics, fitness and wellness.

    Our staff is specially trained in spinal rehabilitation. We can readily identify one dysfunction or injury from another. We work closely with you to customize the most appropriate rehabilitation program based on your particular condition. Each individual is different. We each have different bodies, movements and alignments. We customize every rehabilitation program based on the unique characteristics of each patient. When included as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, spinal rehabilitation is a critical ingredient in getting you back to health.